• Our Greatest Wealth Is Health.

“Life is like the unpredictable ocean waves.We are all born with gold ingots in our body. But their shine is fast eroded in our pursuit for wealth. Let’s polish and bring the lustre back to our health.”


We Invest In Your Health

With its modern approach, LIANGYI™ aspires to educate the general masses the wonders and long-term benefits of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Focusing holistically on one’s health & wellness, LIANGYI™ aims to help individuals feel the best they deserve. A TCM diagnosis and remedial process begins with the assessment of one’s pulse, before using treatments to bring these pulses back into an equilibrium.

Everything about you begins with our investment! LIANGYI™ is a registered TCM Clinic with TCM Practitioner Board.

Through the years we have received hordes of positive testimonials from our satisfied customers complimenting us on our professionalism and our treatment efficacies. Our signature Meridian & Moxibustion Therapy – MMT™ has been a hit with many customers from all walks of life. From working professionals to housewives and even students, we have helped them all by stimulating positive chi flow, conditioning their bodies to enhance inner vitality, improve blood circulation and have been proven effective to relieve stress and soothing tired muscles.


We believe in aiming our efforts and treatments at the root cause of each individual customer’s health and beauty concerns. Our priorities have always been centred on the aspirations and satisfaction of our customers. Deliveringour best for every customer is the underlying fundamentals of our values.Understanding the needs of our customers and providing each with a customised solution is imperative to their overall well-being. Hence we invest heavily on the constant training of our therapists in their skillsets, apparatus handling and customer service to achieve upmost satisfaction for all of our customers.


Our passion in the pursuit for total beauty and wellness for every person in the universe will continue to flourish so as to improve the lifestyle of more people in this world. We will endeavour to provide that experience of total well-being, luxurious indulgence and ultimate satisfaction amid a cosy surrounding for every customer.


LIANGYI™ believes that health and total wellness is the most important asset of every person and it is our mandate to provide this greatest and most precious gift to every of our customer, without compromising on quality and service.