With chances like this i’d need to be a super-hunk

With chances like this i’d need to be a super-hunk

Internet dating for gamers

i counted on yahoo! personals(tm) once as soon as I acquired up to counting about 50 dudes for each women i threw in the towel counting.

with chances like that i’d need to be a super-hunk, muscular as all hell, rich as all hell, and also become into chick fliks to possess a chance that is remote also an unsightly girl here. in terms of a gamers just site…..i’d guess it is 1 girl per 1,000 guys.

i’ll simply keep dating golddiggers, after all females, i bump into within my normal life that is daily you greatly!

– by james beatty it will probably never ever work (5:09pm est mon jun 21 2004) the geek men never want the geek girls, they need the cheersleaders. the geek girls want the soccer captain. Some of the geek settle for what they can get at some point in life.

the ones that are sad stop dreaming.

glad i’m not a geek.

– by cool mccool like usual, you dudes are clueless (5:17pm est mon jun 21 2004) i’m very sorry iggy, but us gamer chicks are a great deal cooler than you would imagine..

ratio: we know a lot more then 12 actually, demonstrably you most likely simply meet up with the chicks that are wrong.

we just do not upload adds on ridiculous online dating sites becaues we do not need to. but do not knock gaming girls til you have tried being with somebody who does not nag you about every thing that is little.

i shortly scanned the website also.. where in fact the ratio of unsightly dudes to decent searching people is a comparable when it comes to chicks. – by luth massively multiplayer dating (2:06am est tue jun 22 2004) I really believe this is exactly what all girls do in true to life.

i doubt really that some of these girls are genuine gamers. this website that is new merely another eating ground for females to get their next target, after all date. (more…)