How Does TCM Massage Tuina Benefit & Help Your Health?

Traditional Chinese Medicine or TCM Massage – Tuina Benefit & Help Your Health

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It’s based on the theory that imbalances of qi, which is the body’s vital life force or energy, can cause blockages or imbalances that lead to symptoms such as pain and illness. Best TCM Massage in Singapore

The TCM Tuina or tui-na (pronounced twee-nah) massage originated in ancient China and is believed to be the oldest system of bodywork. It’s one of the four main branches of traditional Chinese medicine, along with acupuncture, qi gong, and Chinese herbal medicine.

Tuina massage stimulates the flow of qi to promote balance and harmony within the body using many of the same principles of acupuncture.

It’s similar to acupuncture in the way it targets specific acupoints, but practitioners use fingers instead of needles to apply pressure to stimulate these points. Tuina massage is often used in combination with acupuncture.

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) massage therapy is a healing massage technique that originated in ancient China for a long history of five thousand years and has been gaining in popularity like various forms of therapeutic healing or energy channels.

TCM massage has been systematized and is based on the theory of the viscera of Traditional Chinese Medicine and meridian theory.

How does Tuina Massage help restore health?

Qi that’s flowing incorrectly can cause blockages, such as poor blood circulation, tension, and soreness in the affected area. Overall time, this causes the accumulation of more toxins and illnesses in the body. TCM Tuina Massage is hence able to alleviate that by unblocking those areas of tension in the body and releasing the trapped sick energy out of the body. Through the process, patients experience relief of their body’s tightness and tension.

Tuina massage enhances the body’s immunity and circulatory system for recharge and rejuvenation. Besides that, it can also be used for pain relief and treating various chronic illnesses and sub-health conditions.

TCM massage therapy uses a healing meridian massage technique to reduce physical and mental stress, building up stamina and increasing vitality which can greatly enhance the whole immune system:

☑️ Clear meridian blockage

☑️ Regulate physiological functions in the body

☑️ Promote smooth flow of body’s energy

☑️ Relieve pain

☑️ Soothe the jointsz

Help with pruritus, rhinitis and sinusitis

☑️ Improve skin condition

☑️ Various health conditions including children suffering from autism

Is acupuncture involved?

Obviously acupuncture is a major part of TCM, so they often are used in conjunction with one another. And depending on ypractitioner’s diagnosis and recommendation, you might have a combination of these two, with additional TCM modalities. But they can be used independently. So, if you do not want to try acupuncture, but your practitioner feels you might benefit from the principles, then Tui na might be for you.

Basic Techniques of Chinese Massage 

One of the characteristics of Chinese massage is that it can often be quite brisk, as it is not just for relaxing or calming but to create a healing effect. Proficient therapists should make their manipulations persistent, forceful and rhythmic yet soft, so as to achieve pressure effects that are deep and penetrating. For instance, massage therapists may repeatedly apply a single technique hundreds of times on a frozen shoulder, time that Western therapists would spend on an entire treatment. The basic techniques of TCM massage are categorized as below:


This includes motions like pressing, nipping, stepping and twisting that direct apply pressure by the fingers, palms or other part of the limbs. For example, fingernail nipping on the groove between the nose and lip is used to regain consciousness from syncope or coma, while pressing back and forth with finger tips along the tendons is used to alleviate muscle spasm. The techniques are usually used for relieving muscular stiffness, removing blockages and promoting circulation


This includes finger-pushing, rolling and kneading that stresses a coordinated action of the elbow, which makes the applied pressure act on the selected region for some time. “Pushing with One-finger Meditation” is a common technique in TCM massage; the therapist uses the thumb to push and rotate forward along a meridian, the swing frequency is usually up to 120-160 times per minute. Rolling refers to rotating the back of the hand rapidly back and forth over the body surface.


This includes rubbing, gilding, pushing and wiping, all of which creates heat on the body surface and enhances the circulation underneath. Gentle and rhythmic small circular movements made with the palm or fingers over the skin, which is usually used for abdominal problems; gross scrubbing motions are usually applied to the chest, back and limbs and helps to stimulate or activate a larger area.


This includes rapidly vibrating, shaking or rocking a selected region to create a constant force, so as to remove stagnation, resume qi movement, release tensions and promote gastro-intestinal functioning. Massage therapists usually apply digital-shaking on the head and chest regions to relax athletes, or relieve problems like insomnia, amnesia or bowel disorders. Limb-shaking is usually applied after twisting the muscles at the end of manipulation.


To clap, strike, tap or knock the body surface with hands or tools. These techniques are usually used to ease muscular pain, numbness, spasm and headache. Fist striking is used on the back; palm patting is used on the crown of the head, waist, hip and limbs, while finger tapping is used on the head, chest and abdominal regions.

Pinching and grasping

This includes the rhythmic picking up and squeezing of the soft tissues while holding, twisting, kneading or pinching with the operator’s fingers. The techniques are mainly applied to regions that anchor ligaments and tendons. For example, grasping the shoulder helps to resume the flow of qi in the chest.

Joint manipulation

This includes rotating, pulling, abducing and adducting actions with the body part along its axis, which helps to increase range of joint motion, and promote flexibility of the limbs and spine.

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